The Islamic Faith

The Islamic worldview is grounded in Allah (God), Mohammad (the ultimate and final prophet of Allah), and the Qur’an (the Word of Allah delivered through Mohammad beginning in about 610 AD). Islam means submission to Allah and a Muslim is one submitted to Allah. About 1/5th of the world’s population is Muslim, about three-quarters of which are non-Arabs. The Islamic worldview is described across ten major categories.

The Islamic worldview is more than a religion. Islam covers all aspects of life for its followers. While many religious scholars treat the Islamic worldview as a monotheistic religion following five simple “pillars” of faith, the concept of Islamic State actually goes much deeper.

The Islamic worldview began with the birth of Mohammad in 570 AD. By 650 AD, the canon of the Qur’an was established, and significant conquests in the name of Islam were underway, including Mecca, Damascus, Jerusalem, Egypt, and Persia. Today, the Islamic worldview has approximately 1.2 billion followers.