Simulated Rapture

This short video shows what could be called the “simulated Rapture of a woodpecker.” Well it is a manmade simulation based entirely on the circumstance of a monitoring camera placed to observe an electrical arc at the top of a pole and the unfortunate timing of a woodpecker in the vicinity of the arc.

Now when our Lord and Savior returns, each and every arc will be intentional and the power of the event will be beyond our current comprehension. There is some exceptional detail in the description of the Rapture event here:…/

and you are encouraged to read this to understand the details that are seldom discussed.

Keep digging into God’s word for clarity and understanding in these last days and while we are not ever date setting in the manner of William Miller’s 1818 prediction of 3/21/1844, nor Hal Lindsey’s prediction of the end prior to 1988, nor Harold Camping’s multiple predictions of the end on 9/6/1994, 5/21/2011, and 10/21/2011, we do believe that God’s timing on the soon return is being shown by prophetic signs and the correlation of world events in relationship to Biblical prophecy.

The rapid worldwide changes, national alliances, wars, actions by the United Nations, attention on Israel and specifically on Jerusalem (God’s Holy City) are all oriented toward what has been relieved in Bible prophecy and this is a very good time to be in prayer and continually in God’s Word.

May you be exceedingly blessed in your prayer and study!


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