This site is intended for those who desire to know Jesus Christ and to follow Him.

Consider this beautiful comparison of a traditional Jewish wedding ceremony from the first century and our marriage ceremony to Jesus as the Church – His Bride.  This has multiple scriptural references that should awaken your heart and give you a burning desire to be with Jesus and to grow in relationship with Jesus.

Jewish Wedding and Rapture SKINNY-TALL


So much of what we share here is directed toward those who seek to overcome. And for each age, overcoming the world has looked different than in prior times. Sure there were similarities, common categories of sin, but the culture of that time carried with it a whole collection of evil, packaged into context for that age.

We could speculate about the cultural difficulties of the dark age. How for example were people tempted into sin when mere survival was a paramount daily concern.

While that might be an interesting exercise, we have more pressing concerns this very day. We must be focused on how we overcome the culture of our world and abide in the Spirit of God.

There are many things to overcome today, but let us stay very focused on a few specific things we are to overcome as Christ followers in America. These are examples of a few things we MUST OVERCOME. As you read this list, pray about what in this world that you need to overcome as a faithful servant of Christ.


— All forms of hyper-sexualized media and entertainment
— Skipping worship, bible study, and church because we are busy
— Instigating arguments with other Christians that sews discord
— Greater concern for public appearance than privately serving God
— Politically correct speech to purposefully accommodate willful sin
— Embracing gay rights because it demonstrates tolerance
— Advocating speech or action that creates social discord
— Prioritized lives around entertainment and pleasure
— Obsession with the latest and most popular material goods
— Unhealthy pride in position career, alumni, or zip code
— Siding with known corrupt politics because it gets you more stuff
— Speaking against Israel and God’s covenant people

As overcomers, we need to be resisting these distractions that draw our attention away from an abiding loving relationship with Jesus. There are so many other little things that happen during the course of a day that take us off track including the busyness of our jobs or classes or even a stack of errands we need to complete. When these individual activities distract our minds and hearts away from God, or if they get higher priority in relationship to time we specifically allocate to reading God’s word and speaking to God in our prayers, then we are allowing circumstances to take us off the path of an overcomer.

Life is hard and its vitally essential that we acknowledge our sins, seek forgiveness from God, pray for His discernment, give to God the burdens that we know He wants us to lay at His feet, and to give thanks to the Lord who made it possible for us to be in a right relationship with Him for eternity.

I’m going to make an assumption here just because it seems right to do so. I am going to assume that each of you has burdens that you are carrying right now. These are burdens that you have endeavored to carry because your mind has purposed that it is your lot in life to carry that burden. That burden could be a sickness, it could be a bad financial state, it could be an troubling job situation, it could be discord within your family, it could be concern or worry about the world politics, the violence and persecution, and even anxiety over those that will be left behind after the Lord’s Rapture of His Church.

Stop it! Take a moment right now to pray and to acknowledge that we are NOT going to get it all together and that is a very good thing. Even as Christ accomplished atonement for us by suffering and death, so the Lord Jesus accomplishes witness to the world through our weakness. In fact, God has more need of our weakness than of our strength. So we need to REST in that truth.

We need to get the right perspective here because this is very important. By not properly abiding in Christ within our weakness, we are very likely diminishing the power of God that can fill and direct our life because we have lost perspective on the authority of Jesus. The name of Jesus is the badge of authority by which we access and release the power of God.

Remember we don’t have the power. It’s not our power. It’s God’s power. But we absolutely have the authority to use it. Authority has everything to do with the power that backs it. The authority we have in the name of Jesus is backed by all the power of God in Heaven above.

The authority from God is not to be trifled with, to be used like a charm, or be claimed by intellect alone. We must understand the authority in the name of Jesus deep in our heart. Only there may we be able to call upon His name with authority and with power.

This is the truth that must fill your heart as one who overcomes in His name.

In the blessed name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.